Testing Your Application

While developing your application, it's important to run tests to verify that your project structure is in the correct format and that your code behaves as expected. Running connect test will validate that the structure of your application is valid, but will not exercise any of the method implementations. There are multiple ways to test your application, and we suggest taking advantage of all of them to ensure the highest quality integration.

If your backend API or service has a Sandbox Environment, we recommend using this while you are testing to avoid sending unnecessary traffic to your production environment or incurring actual service charges. It is easy to modify your app during local testing.

You will need to publish your app with your sandbox environment configured to perform live testing. You should then configure your app to use your production environment and then republish your app.

Unit & Acceptance Testing

We recommend using Jest to write unit and acceptance tests locally. After publishing your app using the connect publish command and testing your application in the Live Testing Environment you can use the connect logs command to see anything logged by your module. It is recommended to use request logging to write your own local acceptance tests for cases that fail in Live Testing.


Jest is a batteries-included, zero-configuration test runner that is approachable for beginners, extensible for almost all testing use cases and scalable to large projects. It includes the test runner, an assertion library, and extensible matchers - everything you need to being writing unit tests.

Live Testing

As you go through the development process, you can publish your app to our development platform where you can perform live testing through one of our e-commerce applications, such as ShipStation, before it is promoted to our production platform.

It may be useful to do this as you make additions to your code so you can see the changes as they are made.

With the goal of being able to successfully use your app end-to-end within these live tests, having immediate feedback and results will be instructive through the development process.

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