Getting Started

In order to add your service to ShipEngine Connect and make it available within our suite of e-commerce applications, you'll need to create a JavaScript application.

Our documentation assumes that you understand:

  • Basic programming concepts
  • How to use a terminal on your computer
  • JavaScript/NodeJS
  • TypeScript (optional - you can use plain JavaScript)

ShipEngine Connect Apps

ShipEngine Connect apps are NPM packages that export an object matching a certain structure. Please see our application structure guide as well as our sample apps for more information.

Your app will run in our hosted Node.js runtime environment. We take care of hosting, scaling, and providing high-availability access to your application, so you can just focus on the core functionality.

Developer Tooling

The ShipEngine Connect NPM package provides TypeScript type definitions, enumerations, and helper classes for you to use in your app. It also provides a command-line interface to aid you in your application development.

Use it to: