Delivery Confirmation Definition

Delivery Confirmation refers to any method by which a carrier might notify or confirm for the sender that a shipment has successfully reached its final destination. This can include special services such as obtaining a signature upon delivery.

Your delivery confirmation options are defined inside files that are then used by the ShipEngine Connect to offer these delivery confirmation options to users who utilize your carrier within one of our e-commerce applications. Each delivery service that you wish to offer should have its own definition file. These files can reside anywhere within your application as long as their locations are specified in the Carrier Application Definition file. The definition may be specified in JavaScript, TypeScript, JSON, or YAML.

Note that at least one Delivery Confirmation value is required. If your app doesn’t require them, you will just need have one defined as “None”.

Delivery Confirmation Properties



UUID that uniquely identifies the delivery confirmation. This ID should never change.


Your own identifiers for this delivery confirmation.


Optional code used to map to what the carrier uses to identify the delivery confirmation.


The user-friendly name for this delivery confirmation (e.g. "Adult Signature", "Authority to Leave").


A short, user-friendly description of this delivery confirmation type.


The type of the delivery confirmation. Valid values include the following:

  • delivery
  • signature
  • adult_signature
  • direct_signature
  • none - Many carriers refer to this as Authority to Leave or No Signature Required.


id: cc10a05a-78eb-11ea-bc55-0242ac130003
apiCode: SIG-A
name: Adult Signature
description: Requires a signature from a resident of at least 18 years of age.
type: adult_signature
id: "cc10a05a-78eb-11ea-bc55-0242ac130003",
identifiers: {
apiCode: "SIG-A"
code: "SIGA",
name: "Adult Signature",
description: "Requires a signature from a resident of at leaste 18 years of age."
type: "adult_signature"
import {
} from "@shipengine/connect";
const adultSignatureDeliveryConfirmation: DeliveryConfirmationDefinition = {
id: "cc10a05a-78eb-11ea-bc55-0242ac130003",
name: "Adult Signature",
code: "ASIG",
"Requires a signature from a resident of at least 18 years of age.",
type: DeliveryConfirmationType.AdultSignature
export default adultSignatureDeliveryConfirmation;
"id": "cc10a05a-78eb-11ea-bc55-0242ac130003",
"code": "ASIG",
"name": "Adult Signature",
"description": "Requires a signature from a resident of at least 18 years of age.",
"type": "adult_signature"