Delivery Confirmation Object

A delivery confirmation is a way of ensuring that the shipment reaches its final destination, such as obtaining a signature upon delivery. You defined the delivery confirmation options available through your app in Delivery Confirmation Definition files.


This table lists the properties of a delivery confirmation object and identifies those properties that are required. The nullable column indicates which properties may be null when the object is provided as an argument to one of your methods, and the required column indicates which properties are required when the object is returned from one of your methods.



UUID that uniquely identifies the delivery confirmation. This ID should never change.


identifiers object

Your own identifiers for this delivery confirmation.


Optional code used to map to what the carrier uses to identify the delivery confirmation.


The user-friendly name for this delivery confirmation (e.g. "Adult Signature", "Authority to Leave").


A short, user-friendly description of this delivery confirmation type.


The type of the delivery confirmation. Valid values include the following:

  • delivery
  • signature
  • adult_signature
  • direct_signature
  • none - Many carriers refer to this as Authority to Leave or No Signature Required.